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Dog Planter

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English Bulldog Planter
Golden Retriever Planter
Shih Tzu Planter
Corgi Planter
Chihuahua Dog Planter
Schnauzer Planter
French Bulldog Planter
Pug Planter
Bern Boyero Planter
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Product Description

  • Hand-made
  • Material: sturdy signs, etc.
  • Most plants can be grown, and the entire planter is included in this list.
  • This planter is hand-painted, so each planter is slightly different and may not exactly match the online photos.
  • This handmade & hand detailed dog planter is a perfect addition to any dog loving home!


  • S: Height: 185.5mm, Width: 119.5mm, Depth: 180mm
  • L: Height: 371mm, Width: 239mm, Depth: 360mm



Special for garden decoration, patio or interior of the home, with a unique and detailed design.

This planter is suitable for indoor & outdoor use.