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Necklace with Small Custom Beads

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Select number of custom beads (1-5)
1 Bead
2 Beads (+ $5)
3 Beads (+ $10)
4 Beads (+ $15)
5 Beads (+ $20)
Sterling Silver
18k Gold Plating (+ $10)
18k Rose Gold Plating (+ $10)
Chain length
18" Chain (45 cm)
20" Chain (50 cm) - Model's chain length
22" Chain (55 cm)
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Linda, meaning ‘beautiful’ in both Spanish and Portuguese is designed to represent an everlasting circle. A woman is the full circle, within her is the power to create, nurture and transform, which is the ultimate representation of beauty. The piece includes a dangling leaf charm and four round beads, each customizable in any which way you desire. As well, a green stone is featured symbolizing optimism, freedom, and balance. Or, one may choose a clear stone, known as ‘the master healer’, as it channels any energy, making you feel happy and re-energized. Other features include:

Made of 925 Sterling Silver
1 to 5 customized beads
1 name or word per bead
Optional addition of stone and leaf charms